"In art, we are once again able to do all the things we have forgotten; we are able to walk on water; we speak to the angels who call us; we move, unfettered, among the stars." - Madeleine L'Engle

Michelle Vandyk



Some of my earliest memories are the play of light and shadow across my crib. Since I could hold a mark-making tool, I’ve been compelled to create and interpret the world around me.

After graduating with a BFA in photography, I backpacked throughout Europe with my camera and a dear friend who waited patiently for me to record all that spoke to our experience. Those same images find their way into my current paintings.

Today I lead a blessed life- sharing a home with my husband and three grown children who come and go. At school I share my passion for art with my middle and high school students.  At home our antique kitchen table is often strewn with the contents and materials used in my latest painting. In summer the back courtyard becomes my studio, and encaustic (hot wax) becomes my medium of choice.

Nature, relationships, faith, stories and art are what stir my soul. Accompanied by tea and chocolate, life doesn’t get much better!

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